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4201 Association

4201 Schools Association bannerThank you poster from the members of the 4201 Association

The 4201 Schools Association

The mission of the 4201 Schools Association is to advocate for the blind, deaf, and severely physically disabled children of New York State. The coalition of 11 schools are specialists in the field and serve as a resource for policy makers, families, communities, and each other to encourage that best practices are utilized in the education of NYS students with low incidence disabilities.

Value Statement
The 4201 Schools Association is the New York State resource for blind, deaf, and severely physically disabled children. Our members are leaders engaged in building opportunities for children through public awareness advocacy and offering high-quality programs.

Core Values

Equitable Access: We value an environment in which all students possess and receive educational opportunities like their peers in public schools with full accessibility to the necessary accommodations for learning.

Collaboration: We value an inclusive learning community, working collaboratively as equals, to achieve the greatest possible results that lead to success in and out of the classroom for our students.

Passion: We value a demonstration of enthusiasm and passion that excites and motivates each other and our students, as well as demonstrating our energy and commitment to stakeholders, supporters, and public decision makers.

Innovation: We value innovation and creativity that allows both staff and students the freedom to experiment and strive for higher achievement.

Integrity: We value integrity and are committed to fostering open, honest, and earnest communication among its members for the benefit of students and staff.

Individuality: We value each individual member, recognizing differences while respecting each person’s own unique life experience to advance the needs of the 4201 Schools Association.