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Program Information

Afterschool Program

St. Mary’s School for the Deaf provides a unique, diverse and extensive wealth of afterschool activities. Professional staff trained in recreational, social and vocational areas, students are provided with group activities designed to meet their individual needs.

Students are eligible to begin participation in the afterschool program in Kindergarten. From there, the student has the option to participate until his/her graduation from SMSD.

Rug Rats program is for Kindergarten thru 2nd grade on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Afterschool Program is for 3rd grade on up Monday thru Thursdays.

We believe we have an after school program second to no other in the country. This opportunity for all of students from kindergarten through age 21 years is made possible with support from your local school district. The local district provides a late bus (5:00 P.M.) to allow your child’s participation. We are fortunate to have two recreation therapists to help us meet the needs of all our students. We are able to develop individual programs to meet the needs of our diverse population.

 Please contact Julie Seier with any questions related to daily transportation and late buses. Email Julie

After School Kids


Donna Cork
716-834-7200 x.108
email Donna

Sean Maloney
716-834-7200 x.207
TTY or V.P only
email Sean