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Audiological Services

Audiological Services

EARS at St. Mary's offers state-of-the-art audiological services including:

  • Newborn hearing screenings and diagnostic testing
  • Comprehensive pediatric hearing aid, BAHA, and cochlear implant services

 "The audiology clinic at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf is a full service hearing clinic which provides our students with the services needed for maximum benefit of their devices. We repair hearing aids and processors on site if possible and provide replacement parts if available often the same day so that your child is rarely without access of hearing for their school day. We are capable of ordering earmolds and replacement hearing aids and processors. We are continually monitoring your child’s hearing levels by doing audiometric testing on a weekly basis. We provide hearing testing to the community and evaluate newborn babies with our ABR/OAE testing protocol, free to the community."

Dr. Janet Brinkman, CCC/A

Dr. Janet Brinkman testing Marc's hearing.

EARS student Marc getting his hearing tested by Dr. Janet Brinkman.