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     Transportation for school age (5yrs-21yrs old) is provided by your home school district. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Julie Seier 716-834-7200 ext. 124 or e-mail Julies@smsdk12.org. 

    If you are changing your address you need to contact:

    1. Your home school district, special education department. If you are changing your home school district you may need to schedule a CSE meeting to make the change. Please contact the district as soon as possible, it may take up to two weeks to change transprortation. Until this is set up you will be responsible to transport your student to and from school.

    2 Contact the department secretary at SMSD.

      Mary Reddington at ext. 117 email- maryr@smsdk12.org

      Kimberly O'Connor at ext 144 email- kimberlyo@smsdk12.org