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    3:45 p.m.

    Aurora Waldorf


    3:45 p.m.

    Nichols (Grades 5/6)


    3:45 p.m.

    Aurora Waldorf




    Coaches: Kevin Brady, Danielle Walczak and Janet Brinkman

    Athletic Director:  Jim Carmody

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    Game Recap

    October 26, 2022

    With our last game in the books today, and in the rain, our Baby Bisons had the best game of their season!


    Fahim scored 7 seconds into the game, giving the Bisons an early lead. Our goalies Jaryel in the first half and Yaindhi in the second half both played very well with some very impressive saves! 


    Our defense - led by Nick LaBelle's perfect communication, held our opposition to limited scoring opportunities. Adrianna Bannister also played very well at defense today; attacking the ball and not backing down is exactly what we taught them to do - and in turn, they showed it on the field today. 


    Our offense also had opportunity after opportunity. Unfortunately, their goalie was also at the top of their game. 


    Dylan Lewis added two goals of his own and showed hustle all game. Fahim also scored two more goals to his total for a "hat-trick"!


    I am so incredibly proud of this team and their determination, and their hard work all season to become a "well oiled" soccer team. 


    Please congratulate them on a great season! Go Baby Bisons!! 


    Final Score:


    Aurora Waldorf: 6 - SMSD: 5

    October 12, 2022

    Our baby Bisons had their second game against Aurora Waldorf.  A huge improvement from our first game. Our baby Bisons really looked good out there on the field, from positioning, to attacking the ball, some showed what they'd learned in practice, and some showed excellent footwork and dribbling skills. Dylan Lewis scored three goals and gave his all on the field. Fahim Shah scored two goals as well. Khyier Richardson had a great game - showing off his footwork and dribbling skills and making great plays. Adrianna Bannister showed hustle all game. She did not back down against the other team and demonstrated what she had learned from practice by playing excellent defense. Great job, Adrianna!


    We will continue to play hard and also continue to improve our skills as we head into the 2nd half of our season. 


    Final score:


    SMSD: 5 - Aurora Waldorf: 7


    September 29,2022

    Our first game of the season was successful in many ways! The first half was not so much to our advantage. We fell behind by a score of 6-2. There was a little bit of confusion, lack of movement and motivation, which really showed. However, at the half, our team was ready to play and the coaches' half-time message was well received, outscoring RSD 2-1. Although the team had a hard loss today, we showed good communication, better ball movement and motivation to play in the second half. Dylan Lewis scored on a PK as well! We will continue to practice our skills to be ready for game 2 next Wednesday at home. Thanks to all our fans today! 


    Final score: SMSD: 4 - RSD: 7



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