What is The Board of Trustees?

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    The Board of Trustees is a group of individuals from the local community, either appointed or elected to manage and govern the assets of a non-for-profit organization.  Their utmost duty is to protect the organization's best interests through decisions made on its behalf based on the organization's mission, goals, and needs.



Roles and Responsibilities of The Board of Trustees

  • One of the primary responsibilities is to uphold fiduciary duty, and to protect all of the School's assets and funds.  While the day-to-day management of the School is the responsibility of the Superintendent, administration, and staff, the Board of Trustees focuses on larger and broader decisions that affect the School's mission and strategic planning matters.

    Positions and Roles of the Board of Trustees:

    Chairperson:  The highest-ranking member and leader of the board.

    Vice-Chairperson:  The Chairperson's second in command.  If the chairperson retires or vacates their position, the Vice-Chairperson assumes their duties.

    Secretary:  Is the main contact between board members, and primary record keeper of meeting minutes.

    Treasurer:  Handles the School's financial records.

    Board Member:  General board members are trustees or directors without a specific role, but offer valuable insight and assist in decision making as a group.

    The Board of Trustees meets quarterly throughout the academic year, and consists of multiple sub-committees who also meet quarterly.  

Board of Trustees 2022-2023