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    Front row: Danielle Walczak- Assisitant Coach, Laci Stoffer, Shannan Green, Zarielle Ormsby, Ifeanyi Nwabueze, EmilyLynn Spillman, Yaser Abdollahi, Farhad Ghorbani, Jeff LeRoy-Coach

    Back Row: Brittney Montgomery- staff, Hussam Alabid, Elliana Sanders, Isabella Centinello- Perez, Aubrey Krieger, Yaindhi Garcia Agustin, Khyier Richardson, Caleb Zirpola, Nick Renswick- staff

    Game Recap

    Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    On Wednesday the Baby Bisons had their final game of the 2019-2020 season, the annual Blue and Gold game. For anyone who doesn’t know what the Blue and Gold game is, we split the Baby Bisons into two teams and each coach has a team. This year coach LeRoy was team Blue and coach Walczak was team Gold. The players and coaches always enjoy this game and this year was no different. In this game the players showed off all that they learned this year including skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, and more. The Gold team ended up being victorious! We want to give a special thanks to all the staff, parents, and students who have helped and supported the team this year both at practice and games. Everything is very much appreciated! If you happen to see the players congratulate them on a successful season and as always GO BISONS!


    Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak


    Wednesday, February 12, 2020

    Yesterday the Baby Bisons took on St. Joesph’s school. The team was all girls and our Bison’s were a little intimidated by their height, but that didn’t stop them from getting out their and giving it their all. The first half of the game the Bison’s showed their strength. Laci Stoffer and EmilyLynn Spillman both contributed points to the score. Emily Benson really hustled and let all of her energy out on the court. In the second half of the game Yaser Abdollahi did an awesome job as point guard, looking to see who was open and completing some skillful passes.  Ifeanyi Nwabueze was able to find the net and contribute four points to the score. With great team work the final score was 26-20 and the Bisons took home the win! Thank you to all of our fans and staff who have supported us this season. Our FINAL game will be after winter break on February 26th with our annual Blue & Gold game at 3:30 in Gallagher Gym. Come see some friendly competition between the coaches and players! GO BISONS!


    -Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak

    Record 4-4

    Wednesday, Janaury 29, 2020

    Yesterday the Baby Bisons took on Tapestry for the 3rd time this season. Our personal record with Tapestry was 1-1 so the team was excited to play the tie breaking game and hopefully get a win. The game started slow with scoring but the teams were both on fire. EmilyLynn Spillman and Zarielle Ormsby did a fantastic job playing defense for the team. Elliana Sanders had a couple good attempts at the net and showed tremendous effort. Farhad Ghorbani and Ifeanyi Nwabueze showed a lot of hustle throughout the entire game. At half time the score was tied 10-10. The team remained confident and showed outstanding teamwork. They know when one breaks down the rest start to break down and they didn’t want that to happen. They played tough and showed a lot of heart out on the court. Unfortunately the game ended 22-18 with Tapestry taking home the win. The team was really disappointed but were told what a great game they played. If you see them please congratulate them on a job well done. Our next game is Wednesday February 5th against Nichols at 3:30 pm. As always thank you for the support and GO BISONS!


    Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak




    Wednesday, January 15, 2020

    Yesterday the Baby Bisons took on Aurora Waldorf for the second time this season. The team had their first game of the season against Aurora (and won) so they knew what to expect. Aurora is a strong team and showed up yesterday with more players. The Baby Bisons have been working hard at practice and were ready to give it their all. The first half of the game was close in score. Farhad Ghorbani found the net right away contributing 6 points overall and got some help from Laci Stoffer and Yasir Abdollahi. After half time the score was 18-16 with Aurora in the lead. The Bisons knew they had to step up their game. Ifeanyi Nwabueze really hustled back and forth to defend the net (even though he broke his glasses!).  The team really showed that they wanted to win this game. Unfortunately, Aurora came out with the win with a final score of 24-22. Thank you for everyone who continues to support the team. Our next game is Wednesday January 22 at 3:45. Go Bisons!

    Record 2-2

    Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak


    Wednesday, January 8, 2020

    Yesterday, the Baby Bisons took on Nichols in their 3rd game of the basketball season. The Bison’s have had a lot of time off for winter break but were excited for their first match of 2020. The game began at a fast pace and close in score. Solid effort was shown by Yasir Abdollahi, Farhad Ghorbani, and Zarielle Ormsby. Nichols had five players with no subs and were not letting down. Ifeanyi Nwabueze did a tremendous job getting back to play defense. In the second half of the game. Laci Stoffer made three foul shots adding three points to the teams score. Isabella Centinello-Perez put in great effort in carrying out plays as point guard. The game was neck and neck in the 4th quarter both teams being pushed to their limits. The final score was 24-21 with Nichols taking home the win. Both teams did a great job and the Bisons showed a lot of awesome team work skills. Our next game is Wednesday January 15 at 3:45. As always thanks for the support and Go Bisons!



    Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak

    Thursday, December 19,2019

    Yesterday the Baby Bisons took on Rochester in the annual I-90 Classic. The players and coaches look forward to this game every year. This year we hopped on a bus and headed to Rochester for the game! The Bisons have had a successful season so far and were pumped and ready to show Rochester what St. Mary’s is all about. The game started off fast with points scored by Laci Stoffer, Ifeanyi Nwabueze and Zarielle Ormsby. EmilyLynn Spillman put forth amazing effort getting back to defend her net. At half time the score was 16-10 St. Mary’s in the lead. The game was too close for comfort and the players knew they had to step it up. Yaser Abdollahi and Isabella Centinello-Perez did a great job playing defense and defending their net. Farhad Ghorbani played tough and racked up a total of 6 points. With 3 seconds left Shannan Green stole the ball and finished the game with a lay-up, making the final score 37-16 and giving St. Mary’s the win! Thank you to everyone for the support so far this season. If you see the players please congratulate them on a great job yesterday. Go Bisons and Happy Holidays to all!

    Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak

    Record 2-0


    Wednesday, December 4, 2019


    Yesterday the baby Bison’s played their first game of the 2019-2020 season against Aurora School. The team has been practicing for about a month now and was eager to get out on the court and show off their old and new skills. The first half of the game the Bison’s worked hard to get a good lead on Aurora. Laci Stoffer did well as point guard calling out the plays and getting the team motivated. Ifeanyi Nwabueze did an awesome job getting back to defend the net while racking up 4 points. EmilyLynn Spillman showed tremendous effort continuously running up and down the court along with Zarielle Ormsby who found the net adding another 4 points for the teams total of 16 points in the first half. In the second half Aurora came on strong but players like Farhad Ghorbani and Shannan Green were going to make sure that didn’t last. The game ended with an overall score of 22-18 with St. Mary’s bringing home the win. The team did a great job and are already looking forward to the much anticipated I-90 Classic game in Rochester on December 19th at 2 pm. Be sure if you see the team to congratulate them on their win and wish them luck for their next game! Go Bisons!





    Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak

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