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    Team Picture

     Front row: Shannan Green, Isabella Centinello-Perez, Farhad Ghorbani, Laci Stoffer, Hussam Alabid, Emily Benson

    Back row: Jeff LeRoy- Coach, Caleb Zirpola, Zarielle Ormsby, EmilyLynn Spillman, Dalton Burlingame, Di'Ovanny Lacen, Ifeanyi Nwabueze,

                     Elliana Sanders, Timothy Zeafla, Abdulwadood Mohammed, Danielle Walczak- Assistant Coach

    Game Recap

    Wednesday February 28, 2019

    Yesterday the Baby Bisons had their annual Blue vs. Gold game in Gallagher Gym. The Bisons have had a tremendous basketball season and what better way to end it then with a little friendly competition. Coach Leroy had team Blue and Coach Walczak had team Gold. It was obvious how excited the team was to play against each other and show off everything they have learned throughout the season. Throughout the game the students were respectful, energetic, and motivated to do the best they could while having fun. The final score was 23-17 with the Gold team walking away with a win! Both coaches are extremely proud of the Baby Bison’s this season. They learned a lot about working together as a team and overall we saw a lot of great improvements in our players from last year.  We would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped support us this season including but not limited to Janet, dorm staff, Bob our referee, Jim Carmody, parents, students and staff. We really appreciate everything you do for us! Thanks for a great season and GO BISONS!

    -Coach Leroy and Coach Walczak

    Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    Yesterday the Baby Bisons played their final game of the season against Tapestry. The Bisons have worked really hard this season developing their skills and learning plays that have allowed them to have a successful basketball season here at St. Mary’s. The Bisons are always very impressed with Tapestry’s team so they were excited to go out there and give it their all. . The game started with loads of energy coming from both teams. In the first half points were scored by Zarielle Ormsby, Laci Stoffer and Di’Ovanny Lacen.  Elliana Sanders and Isabella Centinello-Perez did an awesome job hustling up and down the court. By half time the Bisons were down by ten but they weren’t ready to give up. In the second half the team continued to work together and find the basket, with Abdulwadood adding a few more points to the score. In the end Tapestry walked away with a win with a final score of 38-24. Our final end of the season blue and gold game will be played on Wednesday February 27th at 3:30 in Gallagher gym. This is always an enjoyable game to watch so if you can come out and support the Bisons! As always thank you to everyone who has shown continued support throughout the season. GO BISONS!

    Record 3-4

    -Coach Leroy and Coach Walczak


    Wednesday, Janaury 23, 2019 

    The Baby Bisons played a challenging game against Nichols school. With games winding down the Bisons were eager to get out on the court and show Nichols what they are all about. The game started off strong with EmilyLynn Spillman and Di’Ovanny Lacen finding the net. Tough defense was played by Ifeanyi Nwabueze and Abdulwadood Mohamed. The team was working together and playing a smart game. In the second half of the game Laci Stoffer continued to run some great plays as point guard. Zarielle Ormsby, Timothy Zeafla and and Hussam Alabid were all key players throughout the game. The Bisons played tough but Nichols ended up with the win with a  final score of 26-12. The next game is Wednesday January 30th at 3:45 in Milligan gym. As always thank you for the support and go BISONS!

    -Coach LeRoy and Coach Walczak

    Record 3-3

    Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

    The Baby Bisons played an intense game against Aurora Waldorf. The team has been putting a tremendous amount of focus on teamwork, dependability, and determination at practice the past few weeks. They came into the game ready to try their best and also hoping for a win. The game started off with a bang with baskets made by Abdulwadood Mohamed and Laci Stoffer. EmilyLynn Spillman and Ifeanyi Nwabueze did a great job at protecting their net on defense. The game continued with some strong plays carried out by the entire team. The second half of the game more points were added to the score by Di’Ovanny Lacen and Saul Alvira. Waldorf continued to play hard against us but the Bisons never gave up and worked hard to fight until the very end. With ten seconds left in the game, Aurora Waldorf found the basket and got the win with a final score of 26-24. The Bisons played tough and are already preparing for our next game against Nichols on Wednesday January 23rd in Milligan Gym. Please come out and support the Baby Bisons, we are half way through the games! As always thank you for the continued support and go BISONS!

    Record 3-2

    Coach Leroy and Coach Walczak


    Thursday, December 20, 2018

    The Baby Bisons played in the I-90 Classic against Rochester. Both teams look forward to this game every year and this year was no exception. Last year Rochester took home the win so the Bisons worked extra hard over the last few weeks preparing for the game. The Bisons were ready to have some fun but also went into the game determined and excited to give it their all. In the first half of the game Laci Stoffer and Abdulwadood Mohamed both found the net and added major points to the score. Other key players throughout the first half included Zarielle Ormsby, Shannan Green, Timothy Zeafla and Elliana Sanders who all did an outstanding job playing defense. At half time the Bisons were up but Rochester was putting up a fight and was not far behind. In the second half the teams were neck and neck until the very end. Di’Ovanny Lacen showed off his shooting skills and found the net with an incredible shot adding two more points to the Bisons score. With a minute left the Bisons were only up by one point and it was anyone’s game. The Bisons pulled together and showed amazing teamwork. They were able to defend the net long enough for the buzzer to go off and walked away with a win with a final score of 18-17. A special thanks to Rochester for making the trip to Buffalo and playing an outstanding game! Also a big thank you to all the fans that came out to support the Bisons and everyone that helped make the game possible, we appreciate it! Our next game is Wednesday January 9th at 3:30 against St. Joseph’s in Milligan Gym. Happy holidays to everyone and of course go Bisons!

    Coach Leroy and Coach Walczak

    Record 2-1

    Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

    The Baby Bisons had their first Basketball game of the season against Aurora Waldorf and what a great game it was! After many weeks of intense practices, the Bisons were eager to put on their blue and gold uniforms and give it their all. The players on Aurora Waldorf were a lot taller than the team remembered, but the Bisons showed no fear. The game began at a fast pace with Dalton Burlingame, Ifeanyi Nwabueze, and Laci Stoffer all racking up points in the first half of the game. Players Di’Ovanny Lacen, Zarielle Ormsby and Shannan Green all showed tremendous determination and team work out on the court as well. In the second half of the game the team found the basket even more times with Abdulwadood Mohamed stealing the ball and adding two points to the score. Aurora Waldorf played a tough game but the Bison’s played tougher. The final score was 21-17 and the Bison’s walked away with their first win of the season. Overall it was a great game that showed teamwork, dedication, and determination. Come support the Baby Bison’s at their next game on Wednesday December 12th at 3:45 pm against Tapestry in Milligan Gym. Thanks to everyone for the support and go Bisons!


    Coach Leroy and Coach Walczak