• What is the Shared Reading Program?

    The Shared Reading Program is a nationally acclaimed program that helps promote early literacy in young deaf and hard of hearing children through the aid of reading tutors.  It teaches parents and caregivers effective strategies for reading books to their child.  Sessions are currently facilitated by our Parent Educator and Sign Language Teacher.  The program consists of a minimum of 4 sessions and provides the loan of a book bag containing a book and DVD ASL translation.


    What is a Family Activity with Dinner?

    Family Activity with Dinner is a special time when families come together to learn hands-on ways to creatively communicate special events such as pumpkin carving and enjoying a meal such as pizza and wings.  These events are carefully planned to induce creative communication using Total Communication.  It is a great time for families to learn related signs together.


    What is a Workshop Dinner?

    A Workshop Dinner is a special time when parents come together with other professionals in the ambiance of a great dinner to discuss and learn about the latest information that is available to you as an advocate for your child.  


    What is a Silent Dinner?

    A Silent Dinner is a time when parents come together to take the challenge. It is a perfect time to enjoy dinner with our Alumni Association and/or other parents and an opportunity to challenge your ever-growing Sign Language skills.  It is also a great time to learn some of our history.


    What is International Ethnic Festival?

    IEF is a time when we, SMSD families learn about who we are, and share our ethnic cultures. It’s not only a time of sharing the various ethnic foods families bring, it also include cultural displays our families and classes work together from our various represented countries. Our day usually ends with an evening of cultural dances and demonstrations from diverse ethnic groups.


    What Is Grandparent’s Day?

    Grandparents are special to us and worth celebrating. It is a special morning that we take to honor those who play an important role in our students’ lives. It is filled with a tea time, entertainment and special class observation time.  In addition, our special guests leave with a full stomach from the Culinary Training Institute, where some of our former graduates are in training.