What do we do in the library?


                Computing Hussam                                                        

    Students create digital products that enhance                 

    learning, are of interest, and help them to solve              

    problems to promote creativity.                                     


                Mary Ann's class

    The Coffee Talk at SMSD is very exciting for the students in

    Maryann's class. They love reading as a group and discussing

    what is happening in the book.



    When our early elementary students are read                        

    a book, they love to work together using materials                

    from our STEAM cart.   


           L & S

    Our middle school students used a nonfiction

    text to create their very own brochure that

    highlights text features. 



    Our preschool and early elementary students enjoyed 

    books that related with fairy gardens, flowers, and bugs 

    during the month of March. Each class made a fairy 

    garden of their own.