St. Mary's School for the Deaf

    Physical Education Department


    February 2020


    The P.E. Student of the Month for February is Francois DeGrasse.

     Francois is prepared, on time and motivated to

    improve. Francois enjoys exercise and understands the importance

    of being healthy. He is always willing to help when needed. Francois has a terrific 

                  sense of humor and makes class fun.


    January 2020



    Kioneyshka Alvira Juardo (Kioney) has been selected as our January 2020 student of the month.  She arrives to

     class on time and is prepared to give her best effort.  She demonstrates good cooperation and interacts well

    with staff and her peers.  This month Kioney has been an active participant in our weight training unit and she

    continues to exhibit improvement in her level of physical fitness.  Congratulations to Kioney for following our physical 

               education steps to sucess and for being honored for this award. 


    December 2019



    The Student of the Month for December is Yasir Abdollahi. Yasir is well liked by everyone and works hard in class and during activities.

    He loves to learn new games and athletic skills. Yasir demonstrates sportsmanship and leadership skills in his classes as well as his sports teams.


    November 2019

    Aaron Mullen


    Aaron Mullen is the Student of the Month in Physical Education. He is full of energy when he comes to class!! He enjoys our

    activities and encourages others to do their best. Aaron is always respectful of others.


    October 2019



    Shaneily Cruz-Villegas has been selected as Student of the Month for October. She has demonstrated improvements in her

    skills, communications and effort. Shaneily has become more successful in class activities and enjoys being an active participant in

    our class. She has a terrific sense of humor and wokrs well with her peers.




    September 2019

    Francis Nguyen


    Francis Nguyen has been selected as Student of the Month for September in Physical Education. Francis gives tremendous

    effort in our classes, activities and practices. This effort has contributed to his success in sports and P.E. Class.

    Francis sets the example for all others in class.