• Pumpkin Carving

    Our families love coming together for some fall fun.  We read a story and learn related fall-themed ASL vocabulary.  Families are then given a pumpkin to carve!  This is a social opportunity for families to meet each other and enjoy an evening together. 


    Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland is a chance for our students and families to come together to celebrate the holidays and enjoy each other's company.  It's a chance to meet Signing Santa and take in all the theme-filled festivities with students, families, and staff.


    International Ethnic Festival

    The International Ethnic Festival is a time when our SMSD family comes together to share our ethnic cultures. It’s not only a time to share the various ethnic foods families bring, but also cultural displays and information on each culture. Our families and classes work together from our various represented countries. 


    Grandparents/Special Person's Day 

    Grandparents and those who are special to us are worth celebrating. Grandparents/Special Person's Day is an event-filled morning that we take to honor those who play an important role in our students’ lives. It is filled with tea time, entertainment and special class observation time.