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    Art is a very important part of the learning experience at St. Mary's School for the Deaf (SMSD)

    SMSD student Dalton Burlingame and art teacher Sarah Renswick created this piece titled "Let's Gogh Buffalo," as a play on Vincent Van Gogh's trademark painting "Starry Night," featuring Buffalo Bills Quarterback #17 Josh Allen.

    When asked about working on this project with Ms. Renswick, Dalton signed, “I love to draw, it was special, …really special to me,"

    "For these kids, art comes alive through sign language. When we want to make the stars shine, they shine. When we want to make the waves churn, the signs help us. We walk through the painting, and it becomes more real than ever before"       ~ Sarah Renswick

    Proceeds from the sale of the Let’s Gogh Buffalo print go to SMSD’s Foundation for Deaf Education (FDE). This funding allows us to add to our student’s overall experience and continue to provide them with access to outstanding opportunities, improve their quality of life, and offer programs and activities not covered by legislative appropriation.