• There are many different ways to enroll in St. Mary’s School for the Deaf. Some students are referred through their local school district, physician, audiologist or their Early Intervention Program. Some families know of SMSD. These families tour the school and gather information to see if the resources at SMSD are appropriate to meet their child’s needs.

    If a student is between the age of 3 and 21, the student needs to be registered in their local school district. If the student is below the age of 3, the family should tour the SMSD campus to make an informed decision concerning enrollment. If the student meets the New York State requirements for admission the student receives Educational, Audiological, Psychological and Speech/Language assessments during the admission process. Then these evaluations are discussed with the local school district Committee on Special Education (CSE) and/or the student’s Early Intervention Team.

    Then, at a Committee on Special Education meeting a team decision is made for admission to SMSD with appropriate services provided. If the student qualifies for the Deaf Infant Program, the St. Mary’s team makes a decision for placement and services.

    St. Mary’s School for the Deaf continues to work collaboratively with all school districts and agencies throughout Western New York so that each student may reach his/her full potential.

    For more information about the admission process feel free to contact:

    Richard Szafranek
    Director of Pupil Personnel Services
    Phone: (716) 834-7200 x.169