Services We Provide

  • Adapted Physical Education
    Audiology/Hearing Screenings; Newborn Screening/OAE/ABR, Hearing Aid/BAHA Troubleshooting, Cochlear Implant Mapping
    Counseling/Play Therapy
    Ears Nose Throat Consultations 
    Educational Evaluations 
    Mental Health/Case Review Team 
    Occupational Therapy
    Parent Education 
    Physical Therapy
    Psychological Evaluations 
    Registered Nursing 
    Social Workers
    Speech & Language Pathologists
    Transition Coordination 
    Vision Therapy Services
    Vocational Evaluations 

    These support services are provided primarily for our students and their families on both a routine or referral basis. However, a limited number of outside referrals are accepted from local school districts, clinics and/or physicians. Diagnostic Audiology for infants is also emphasized at St. Mary's School for the Deaf. These hearing evaluations are provided for high-risk infants at no cost to their families. Referrals can be made by the Child's family or private medical doctor.