Special Needs Achievement Program

  • The hearing impaired/functionally deaf student in the Special Needs Achievement Program (SNAP) at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf are those who, because of the intensity of their physical, mental, or emotional concerns, need educational, social, psychological, and medical services beyond those which are traditionally offered by regular and special education programs.  Staff ratios and class sizes are carefully considered to maximize student potential for useful and meaningful participation in society and for self-fulfillment.


    The goals of the program are: to prepare students to care for themselves; to develop social awareness and social skills which will enable the individual to function as social beings in the community; to achieve emotional growth which will enable the individual to maintain the lifestyle of choice; to develop motor skills; to develop personal and home management skills required for self sufficiency; to select and prepare for an occupation; to develop intellectual skills which will lead to responsible and independent citizenship; and to develop the ability to use leisure time well and in a way that will enhance creativity and enjoyment of life. 


    Students in this program may range in age from three to twenty-one. Their program is designed to meet their individual needs and areas of disability. Emphasis for students in the Preschool / Elementary age range is academic development and achievement in conjunction with support for and/or skill development in other identified areas of need.  At the Middle School / Secondary age- range, focus shifts to what each student will need to be successful living and working in the community for the rest of their lives.


    clifford snaps

    Elementary SNAP Students and Clifford, the Big Red Dog~


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    It's a turkey feather!

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