Inside The Classroom - TIP

This week I had the chance to head back “Inside The Classroom” to spend some time with Mrs. Cotter and her Transition to Independence (TIP) students. Mrs. Cotter explained to me that during the first quarter the students spent time researching a job they wanted, figuring out how much they would make, and then creating a budget to ensure they could cover their bills and have a little bit of spending cash left over for themselves. The four girls in the class all picked very different jobs: Cashier, Computer Technician, Child Care Worker and Chef!

The class I observed had students working on a time sheet for a potential job. Mrs. Cotter went over the different parts of a time sheet and the girls practiced filling in their hours and adding up total hours. They calculated how much money they would make in a week as well.

I really enjoyed spending time with this class. They were motivated and excited about their job opportunities and I know this class will benefit them for the rest of their lives! It’s been great getting to see different teaching styles from all our teachers. They really do an amazing job with their lessons!
- Krystal Sondel

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