Inside The Classroom - Frawley

This week I visited Mrs. Frawley’s elementary class. They were learning about “luster” and deciding what items in the classroom were metallic, shiny, waxy or dull. After practicing the vocabulary words (and learning some new signs myself), the kids took turns looking around the classroom and pointing out different items.

As they went back and forth you could tell how excited they were each time they found an object and were correct. We tallied up how many we found of each, and in just about 15 minutes we found 9 different items, with metallic or the MOST shiny items leading the way!! The kids really paid attention to Mrs. Frawley and stayed focus during the class (which can usually be very tough when a visitor comes into the classroom!).

Nearly all the students in the class have been at SMSD for a while and to see how much they have grown up is really wonderful!

My class time with them flew by, and then they were off to lunch!

- Krystal Sondel


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