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2013 Season


Girls Track & Field Team 2013
Coached by: Bryan Booke & Heather Albenasi


Boys Track & Field Team 2013
Coached by: Jim Carmody & Kevin LeRoy


Boys Track Meet - May 22nd

Yesterday afternoon the boys attended the Buffalo Charter Schools Track Meet hosted at JB Wiley Field.  This invite included select events and not all events you would find at a typical meet.  Below are the results for the boys.  This concludes our 2013 Track and Field Season.
Boys Track Results
May 22nd, 2013 Charter School Invite
Long Jump          Rhoades (15’ 1 ½”)….Spencer (15’ ¾ ”) 
Triple Jump        Rhoades (32” 0”)…….Reh (29’0”)
Shot Put               Robinson (36’ 4”)
Discus                   No Event
High Jump          No Event
110 HH                 No Event
300 IH                   No Event
100M                    Rodgers (18.3)….Cannizzaro(18.4)
1600M                 Meyers (6:03.1….PR)…..Reh( 6:30.9)
400M                    Rhoades (1:08.6)
800M                     No Entree
200M                     Robinson ( 30.1)
3200M                  No Event
4 x 400                  No Event
4 X 100(V)            Spencer, Reh, Rhoades, Robinson (55.01)
4 x 100(JV)          Meyers, Rodgers, Cannizzaro, Miazga… (1:18.1)
Personal Records (PR) = 1
Points Scored: No points scored


ESDAA Track & Field Championships - Saturday, May 11th:

Girls: St. Mary’s School for the Deaf hosted the annual ESDAA Track & Field championships.  There were 8 total girl programs comprised of both Division 1 & Division 2 teams that competed.  For some of our Lady Bison’s (Jasmine Hollingsworth, Ta’leah Toney, & Tracy White),  it was their first time participating in this tournament.  For other members of our Lady Bison’s “family” (Andrea Lewis, Dinahliz Quinones, Rebecca Swiatek, & Emily Murphy) this was the final chapter in their storied ESDAA tournament career. 

Naturally, Buffalo, NY upheld its infamous reputation with cold blustery weather throughout the course of the afternoon making the conditions less than ideal to compete in. However, we tried to put forth our finest effort and make the best of it.  Although there were many individual accomplishments, the team dropped down to 4th place in the overall rankings.  We finished the tournament with 1 gold medal, 2  silver medals, & 2 bronze medals.    Our coaches noticed a lot of potential for future success and some simple things that if “cleaned up” could catapult us back up the standings next year.  The Lady Bison’s will continue to learn from our mistakes and as the old saying goes “when you get knocked down, you get up again!” 
Boys: This past weekend St. Mary’s hosted the ESDAA Track and Field Championships.  The boys finished in 8th place but continue to work hard and refuse to give up!  Below are the results for St. Mary’s Boys.

The overall result of the meet for boys was…

Maryland             129

New Jersey          125

American             100

Lexington            43

Pennsylvania        34

Rhode Island       24

New York            21

St. Mary’s           19

Learning Center  0


Boys Track Results

May 11th  ESDAA Track and Field Championships

Long Jump          Rhoades (14’ 11’)….Spencer (15’ 9 ¼”…PR)

Triple Jump         Rhoades (32” 2 ¼” )…….Reh (26’ 8”)

Shot Put               Robinson (36’ 9 “… 2nd )…..Rodgers (20 ’ 8”)

Discus                   Robinson (95’ 1”….4th )….Miazga (39’ 0”)

High Jump           Spencer (4’8”…PR)

110 HH                 Robinson (20.47…4th)

300 IH                   Robinson (54.21…6th)

100M                    Rodgers (17.92)

1600M                  Reh (no time computer error)…..Meyers (no time computer error)

400M                     Rhoades (1:08.47)

800M                     Reh (3:02.41)

200M                     Spencer ( 29.57)

3200M                  Meyers ( 13:29.51…..PR)

4 x 400                  No Team

4 X 200                  Spencer, Rhoades, Reh, Rodgers…6th (2:14.33)

4 x 100                  Meyers, Rodgers, Cannizzaro, Miazga….6th (1:20.20)

Personal Records (PR) = 3


Points Scored

Robinson          17 points                                
Meyers                ¼  point                               
Cannizzaro          ¼ point

Rhoades           ¼ point                                   
Rodgers               ½ point                               
Reh                    ¼ point

Spencer            ¼ point                                  
Miazga                  ¼ point


Girls Track Meet: May 8th: 

In only our 2nd meet of the season and final warm-up before the ESDAA championships this weekend here in Buffalo, NY, our Lady Bison’s went head to head against the Global Concepts Charter School. It was clear that our hard work during practice was paying off with a dominating team victory (46-5) that including many individual stand out performances. Our team’s accomplishments were comprised of 3 personal records set by Tracy White in the 100m dash,  Jamilia Torres in the high jump, & Andrea Lewis in the triple jump.  The Lady Bison’s also capped off the competeion with seven 1st place finishes.  
Individual Accomplishments:
Andrea Lewis: 1st in triple jump, 200m, 400m
Jasmine Hollingsworth: 1st in shot put & discus
Jamila Torres: 1st in high jump & 800m
Tracy White: 1st in 100m

Boys Track Meet: May 8th

Falk 73    St. Mary’s 48    Global Charter 14

Long Jump           Rhoades (15’ 5 ½”…2nd)….Spencer (14’ 11 ½ ”)
Triple Jump          Rhoades (32” 10½ ”… PR…2nd)…….Reh (28’ 5”….4th)
Shot Put               Robinson (37’ 7 ½ “… PR…1s)…..Rodgers (20 ’ 7 ½ “ )
Discus                   Robinson (89’ 10”….1st)….Miazga (43’ 10”….4th)
High Jump             Spencer (4’6”…..1st)
100M                     Rodgers (17.2….4th)…..Cannizzaro ( 19.4)
1600M                   Reh (6:11.0…PR….3rd)…..Meyers (6:11.8…PR….4th)
400M                     Rhoades (66.6…PR….1st)……Robinson (69.7…2nd)
800M                     Reh (2:55.9….3rd )
200M                     Spencer ( 29.1…3rd)…..Miazga( 45.6)
3200M                   Meyers ( 14:00.9…PR...3rd)
4 x 400                  Reh, Rhoades, Spencer, Rogers….(5:37.7…2nd)
4 x 100                  Meyers, Rodgers, Cannizzaro, Miazga….(1:01…2nd)
Personal Records (PR) = 6
Points Scored
Robinson          13 points                                 Meyers                3 ¾ points            
Rhoades           11 ¾ points                             Rodgers               2 ½ points
Spencer            8 ¾ points                               Miazga                  1 ¾ points
Cannizzaro        ¾ point

Girls Track Meet: April 25th



Yesterday the Lady Bison’s hosted their first official meet against Cardinal O’hara.  With the weather this season being less than ideal, it has forced our team to spend the better part of our practices indoors trying challenge each other as well as simulate events.  Needless to say, we were excited to finally get out on the track and match-up against another school.  Coming off an ESDAA championship last season, we have some newcomers on the team that were looking to “fill the large shoes” left behind by our graduates.   Although the competition ended without our desired result (20-64), our fresh faced rookies really showcased their ability and not only impressed the coaches but proved they were up to the task.  Jasmine Hollingsworth placed 2nd in shot-put and 1st in discus, Tracy White hit a personal record in the long jump, and Jamilia Torres sacrificed her body by diving over the finish line in the 100m dash to capture 3rd place.  The coaching staff couldn’t have asked for a better effort by our Lady Bison’s.  Thank you for all those who came out to show your support.
·         Dinahliz Quinones: 3rd in shot put, 3rd in discus
·         Andrea Lewis: 1st in 800m, 2nd in triple jump, 3rd in 200m
·         Jamilia Torres: 3rd in 100m


Boys Track Meet: April 25th 

Long Jump     Rhoades (16’  ½”…4TH)….Spencer(15’ 3”)….Meyers(11’ 5”)
Triple Jump        Rhoades (32” 6 ½ ”…3rd)…….Reh (28’ 11 ½”….4th)
Shot Put            Robinson (35’ 4 ¾ …1st)…..Miazga (18’ 10 ¼ ”)….Rodgers (20 ’ 8 ¾ ”)
Discus                Robinson (99’ 17”….1st)
High Jump          No entry
100M                Reh (14.3…4th)……Rodgers (18.0)
1600M                Meyers (6:23.7)
400M                   Robinson (68.3…3rd)……Rhoades (69.5….4th)
800M                   Reh (2:56.2….4th)…..Spencer (3:00.8)
200M                   Miazga( 41.2)….Cannizzaro (43.3)
3200M                  Meyers ( 15:17.2…..4th)
4 x 400                Reh, Rhoades, Spencer, Robinson…..5:26.8
4 x 100                Spencer, Rodgers, Cannizzaro, Miazga…..1:03.0

Points Scored

Robinson          12 points
Rhoades            4 points
Reh                   3 points
Meyers               1 point


Final score: Falk - 78    O'Hara - 39    SMSD - 20