Physical Education Program

Student of the Month 2016-2017

St. Mary's School for the Deaf

Physical Education Department


Julie-Raye Drabant


    Student of the month for December is Julie-Raye Drabant. Julie-Raye works hard in class

 every day. She has improved her communication skills and has also demonstrated better effort

in PE class. Julie-Raye is experiencing greater success with her increased efforts.

 Keep up the good work Julie-Raye!




Check out this great article in the Buffalo News about our archery program~ Buffalo News- Archery Article





At. St. Mary’s School for the Deaf, we believe all students should have the opportunity to develop their mental and physical potential. Physical education is a paramount phase of the total education plan for our students. Proper planning that includes broad goals with specific objectives subject to regular evaluation will facilitate the total growth of each student.

In addition, the National Standards as well as the New York State Learning Standard for physical education will be incorporated to enhance our students levels of performance.


Program Overview:
Our program is designed to develop the students from preschool through high school so that, upon graduation they may lead a healthy, active lifestyle. The program emphasizes physical fitness, motor development and sports skills, as well as individual and team activities.

The highlight of the program is the Annual Physical Education & Sports Demonstration (gym show) held every March. Students from preschool – high school participate in various activities in the show, which is performed for the entire school population and parents. Activities cover selected aspects of the curriculum from juggling and parachute to tumbling and ball skills.

PE Grading Rubric

The Presidents Challenge - Physical Fitness Test

Infirmary Physical Examination Form 
ESDAA Medical Form
Bosco the Bison is located in the Gallagher Gym and serves as a mascot for our athletic teams & school!