2014 Grade School Soccer Schedule



Presenting the 2013 Grade School Soccer Team:





Thursday, September 26th, The Baby Bisons are back!!!!! We would like to welcome rookies Jonathan Allen, Edward Bartnik, Francis Nguyen, Sara Rosario, Kearah Kelly, and Moontaha Shalbi to the team.  It was a beautiful day for a soccer game.  The first game of the season was against Aurora Waldorf, and the kids were very excited. We started off with veteran Dalton Planty in goal, and he has not missed a beat.  He was impressing all with the amazing saves he was making.  Givon Blackwell stepped up in the defense position clearing and sending the ball down field. Rookie Jonathan Allen showed he was not afraid of kids that were almost twice the size of him by attacking their offense and stealing the ball.  The team held strong during the first half only allowing in one goal.  Christopher Martin had two breakaways during the first half that had both teams on the edge of their seats. It was an exciting first half, but the kids used up a lot of their energy. During the second half we decided to change things up a bit with Christopher Martin in goal, and Dalton Planty up in the forward position. Christopher tried his hardest, but the other team attacked hard. Nick Barrus also had a very exciting breakaway during the beginning of the second half. Cameron Cole stepped up to help out her defense by not being scared of the other teams size and keeping the ball as far from our goalie as she could. Rookie Kearah Kelly along with James Kent both had a steal and played with nothing but smiles on their faces. Aurora Waldorf may have won the game, but our team is ready for what is to come next! Congratulate our players on a job well done! Our next game is this Saturday, September 28th at 10:00AM! Come and show your support to our Baby Bisons!!!

Saturday, September 30th. What a beautiful day we had for homecoming on Saturday, September 28th 2013. The kids had a great time spending the night at school and were well rested for the 10:00 AM game.  As the team walked out to the field, Christopher Martin stopped and stated, “I smell a win.” Despite having a loss the previous Wednesday, the kids were in good spirits.  They were focused during their warm ups and anxious to begin.  Saturday’s game was against Tapestry.  The first half consisted of two goals scored by Christopher Martin and Nick Barrus.  Moontaha Shalbi had a strong game playing very tough in the mid-field position, alongside Cameron Cole.  The defense did not have a lot of action, but when the ball came their way they cleared it up field. During the second half, Tapestry managed to score, but we came back and scored two more goals. One of the goals was scored by Janesly Mercedes and the other by Tyler Mondo-Goodrich.  Once our team spread out on the field, many close scoring opportunities occurred.  Givon Blackwell and Edward Bartnik were in the right place at the right time ready to score, but the other teams goalie scooped it up.  The game ended with a 4-1 win!  We would like to thank the many fans who came out to support the team! Please congratulate The Baby Bisons on a job well done!!! Our next game is Wednesday, October 2nd!!!


Wednesday, October 2nd. The SMSD Grade school soccer team had a game against Elmwood Franklin.  We lost 6-0 but the kids didn't quit and continued to play hard. There were some scoring chances up front for SMSD who have made some progress in passing the ball. Cameron Cole and Janesly Mercedes had shots on goal. The defense did a good job to keep the score low with some aggressive 1 on 1 play. Tyler Mondo-Goodrich did well playing defense for the first time this season. Dalton Planty and Christopher Martin made some solid saves while splitting duties as goalie.We have a game against Tapestry next week on October 9.


Thursday, October 17th. The rain held off, and it was another beautiful day for a soccer game. Elmwood Franklin is a talented team, but we definitely showed improvement since our last match.  Despite the score being 5-0, our team played strong.  We had many scoring opportunities, but nothing was connecting.  Our team worked together very well, and it was fun to watch.  Dalton, Nick, Janesly, Givon and Cammie worked together in the mid-field, and forward positions, trying to set up scoring opportunities, and keeping the ball far from our goal.  They are now understanding why it is important to not be grouped together, and that it is better to spread out to get the ball up the field.  Edward Bartnik substituted into the game and was ready to go. After a few plays a corner kick occurred and there was a close scoring chance by Ed, but it deflected past the goal.  Christopher Martin was able to keep the game 0-0 during the first quarter.  The second quarter began and Elmwood Franklin turned it up.  They scored 2 goals during the quarter.  After the half Dalton replaced Christopher in goal.  We continued to play hard, but our defense couldn’t hold them off.  However Sara Rosario was not going to give up, clearing the ball many times. It was a great game, and we are very proud of our team.  We don’t have a game next week, but please come and support The Baby Bison’s for their last game on October 30th!


October 30th, we had our final game of the Season!!!! It was a beautiful day.  We have been very fortunate to have awesome weather on game days. We played Nardin, despite losing 4-3 it was one of the best games we have played.  The kids have shown so much improvement since day one, and we are very proud of them! We had two goals scored by Nick Barrus and the other by Kassim Kassim! There were other scoring opportunities by Cameron Cole and Givon Blackwell, but they just wouldn’t connect. It is very hard to pick some standout players in the game, because they all played so well.  They understood the importance of spreading out and passing to each other.  We are very happy with the progress the team has made this year, and happy with our season. Please congratulate all of the Baby Bison’s on a job well done!


Thank you for your support!