Front Row: Abigail Northway, Francois DeGrasse, Saul Alvira, Tyler Phillips

Back Row: Coach Jeff Le Roy, Jonathan Allen, Briona Zuppa, Julia Bronneberg, Francis Nguyen, Michael Norris, James Kent, Kioneyshka Alvira- Jurado, Kearah Kelly, Dalton Burlingame, Coach Jenny White



Date  Opponent Time /Place  Score
9/23 Tapestry 3:45 HOME 3-6
9/30  Elmwood Franklin 3:30 HOME 6-3
10/7  Rochester 2:00 HOME 0-6
10/14 Nichols (girls) 3:30/HOME  
10/21 Elmwood Franklin 3:30 HOME 7-1
10/28 Nichols (boys) 3:30 HOME  


Wednesday, September 1

What an exciting game yesterday against Elmwood Franklin! The Baby Bison’s pushed through the rain and cold to a final score of 3 to 6 in Elmwood Franklins favor.  We were proud watching  our Baby Bison’s working together, increasing their conditioning strength, improving their dribbling skills, passing the ball and demonstrating better team work.  Michael Norris continues to improve and show great potential as a goalie….keep an eye on him this season!

Saul Alvira came in strong for his first game and scored 2 goals and Kioney Alvira had the 3rd goal!!

Record…..0 wins…2 losses


Wednesday, September 23

Yesterday was our first game of the season! What a beautiful day for a game.  We played against Tapestry Charter School. In the first quarter,  The Baby Bison’s we could not keep up with Tapestry and were outscored 4-0. In the 2nd quarter, we came back with our dedication and team work by Jonathan Allen, Briona Zuppa and Kioney Alvira and we managed to climb back into the game with 3 goals making the score 4-3. All three goals were  scored by Kioney and assisted from Jonathan Allen, Briona Zuppa and Kearah Kelly. The Baby Bison’s only had two substitutes so they all were worn out by the end of 4th quarter. The score ended up 6-3   Our Baby Bison’s persevered with effort the entire game.


Wednesday, October 7

The Baby Bisons, had their first home game against a deaf school, they played Rochester School for the Deaf. The Baby Bisons were a little anxious at first.  In the first half, RSD  led by a score of 3 – 0. The Baby Bisons struggled on defense for the first 30 minutes.  In the 2nd half the Baby Bisons began to  warm up and had a opportunities to score. They managed to get off 8 shots on goal but they didn't want to go in. The Baby Bisons nevertheless kept pushing forward showing team work and enjoying the response from all the fans.  Rochester School for the Deaf ended up scoring 3 more goals with the final score being 0-6.   The Baby Bisons tried really hard to beat Rochester School for the Deaf, we will have to try again next year. We have never seen so many fans in the bleachers for a game!  Thank you for coming to support us~GO BABY BISONS!!

Record…..0 wins…3 losses

Wednesday , October 21, 2015

Baby Bison versus Elmwood Franklins on a warm day but cloudy and windy.. our first half we got out scored 6-0..  Our Baby Bison were short on players due to 2 injuries. This left us with 9 players on the field and struggling to get the ball in the net. When out of the blue Kioney scored one and the whole team cheered!! Baby Bison did not realized how fast and quick the Elmwood Franklin play, nevertheless Baby Bison push forward and did an outstanding job continuing playing and never quit.. end up trailing behind 7 to 1. Both teams play a great game of the day… 



Record…..0 wins…5 losses



Overall record: 4-3-10

N.F.C.A.A. record: 2-6