2014 Girls' Varsity Volleyball Schedule

2014 Girls' Varsity Volleyball 


Front row~ Coach Wendy Chuba, Fatima Al Sabounji, Ta'Leah Toney, Jasmine Hollingsworth, Amanda Martinez, Vaughntasia Hawkins, Tracy White, Coach Sue Wantuck

Back Row~ Sabina Bajgai, Cameron Cole, Elise Watson

Yesterday was our last VB game and we played against Oracle Charter.

Tuesday 10/28

We won three best of 5 games.

1st game:  SMSD 25 to Oracle 16  (SMSD won)

2nd game:  SMSD 17 to Oracle 25  (SMSD lost)

3rd game:  SMSD 25 to Oracle 10  (SMSD won)

4th game:  SMSD 25 to Oracle 16  (SMSD won)

Tracy White did an awesome job serving all four games with 34 points totally.

Fatima AlSabounji  had 14 points and this is her most points for this season.

This is Vaughntasia Hawkins last Varsity Volleyball which she will not be able to play next year due to age.  Vaughntasia had many great years playing volleyball and she will be missed.  Our team wish her well next year.

Final Record for Fall Season 2014

4 wins  7 lost and 1 tied


Division II ESDAA – 6th Place

ESDAA Tournament in New Jersey, October 24th and 25th

 Our SMSD girls did their best and we came in 6th place.  They all played hard to the best of their abilities.  As usual it was a good experience for our SMSD Girls Volleyball team. 

On Friday, we played Round Robin---

1st game:  Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) 25 to SMSD  12   (Lost)

2nd game:  West Virginia School for the Deaf  (WVSD) 17 to SMSD  25  (Won)

3rd game:  New Jersey School for the Deaf (NJSD) 25 to SMSD 17  (Lost)  

4th game: Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD)  25 to SMSD  22  (Lost)

5th game:  Delaware School for the Deaf (DSD)  25 to SMSD 5  (Lost)

We were tied with PSD with 1 win and 4 lost.  We ended up being seed #6.

Next day we played with WVSD and lost against them.  The score was 1st game:  SMSD 18 /  WVSD 25 and the 2nd game:  SMSD 17 / WVSD 25  (Lost).  So we lost and played with PSD and unfortunately we lost.  We came in 6th place.  The final score with PSD was---SMSD  24 / PSD  26  (we lost).

The good news is that Jasmine Hollingsworth earned the ALL-Star!!!!  

October 23, 2014

SMSD Girls VB team beat Niagara Catholic!!  It was a great game today. Everyone played so well after so many weeks of practice. 

Tracy White has 26 points in total of four games.

Vaughntasia has 18 points in total of two games.

1st game:  26 – 24  (SMSD lost)

2nd game:  25 – 9  (SMSD won)

3rd game:  25 – 11 (SMSD won)

4th game:  25 – 20  (SMSD won)

Our record:  3 -7 – 1

We are heading to ESDAA in New Jersey tomorrow morning at 6am. NJSD is hosting the ESDAA Girls Volleyball tournament.  We will play against RSD, DSD, WVSB, PSD, and NJSD. 

October 21, 2014- Game has been canceled~ will not be rescheduled

October 14, 2014

Today we played against West Seneca Christian.  We lost.

1st game:  25 – 13  (SMSD lost)

2nd game:  25 – 12 (SMSD lost)

3rd game:  25 – 18  (SMSD lost)

Our record:  2-6-1

October 11th, 2014

1st game:  26 – 24 (SMSD won)

2nd game:  25 – 14  (SMSD won)

3rd game:  25 – 10  (SMSD won)

Record 2-5-1

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yesterday our SMSD Girls Volleyball team played against RSD. Both teams played well but SMSD lost  to RSD in all three matches.

1st game:  25 to 22  (SMSD lost)

2nd game  25 to 4  (SMSD lost)

3rd game:  25 to 17  (SMSD lost)

Match Record---  1-5-1

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yesterday our SMSD Girls Volleyball played against Tapestry Charter HS.  Both teams played quite well!!

Unfortunately, we lost all three games but our SMSD girls did a great job playing.

1st game:  25 to 12 (SMSD lost)

2nd game:   25 to 22  (SMSD lost)

3rd game:   25 to 21  (SMSD lost)

Match record:  1 – 4 -  1

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tracy, Vaughntasia and Ta'Leah did a great job on serving in the game.  Tracy had 16 points, Vaughntasia had 11 points, and Ta'Leah had 8 points with two aces. Jasmine and Cami played excellent on the floor on bumping, and setting.  Amanda and Fatima did great job supporting their teammates.  There was a moment during the games that SMSD was quite behind with the score but then it went to neck and neck competition.   We played only four games instead of the scheduled five because time ran out. Both schools – SMSD and Global Concepts Charter School agreed to end on time making it a tie match.

1st game:  25 – 14  (SMSD won)

2nd game:  23 – 25  (SMSD lost)

3rd game:  22  - 25  (SMSD lost)

4th game:  27  - 25  (SMSD won)   

Our  match record:  1W - 3L - 1T

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We lost against RSD.  They played  quite well but our SMSD Girls are showing some signs of improvement which it is a good news for us. 

The scores are -- 

1st game:  25 to 13  (SMSD lost)

2nd game:  25 to 20   (SMSD lost)

3rd game:  25- to 7   (SMSD lost)

Our match record:  1 – 3  W/L

Thursday, September 25, 2014

   SMSD Girls VB team lost to Niagara Catholic.  Our SMSD Girls did some great plays and it is still improving but not yet up to par.

First game:  25-13  (SMSD lost)

2nd game:  25-18  (SMSD lost)

3rd game:  25-6  (SMSD lost)

Match Record :  1-2                                                               

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1st game:  25-10 (SMSD lost)

2nd game:  25 -23 (SMSD lost)

3rd game: 25- 20  (SMSD lost)

Our match record – 1-1 W/L.

Ta’Leah Toney, Vaughntasia, and Cami Cole all each had 5 points. 

Our next game is Thursday, Sept. 25th at Niagara Catholic.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

SMSD won their first game against Oracle Charter School.

The first match was 25 to 21 ; SMSD won.

The second match was 25 to 8; SMSD won.

Tracy White had 17 points in both matches and Ta’Leah had 8 points.

Record:  1-0

Sue Wantuck

Wendy Chuba

SMSD Coaches