2014 Girls' Varsity Volleyball Schedule

2013 Girls' Varsity Volleyball 

Presenting our 2013 Girls Varsity Volleyball Team:

Kneeling:  Shakenya Ward-Brassell
Standing:  Head Coach Sue Wantuck, Ta’Leah Toney, Tracy White, Jasmine Hollingsworth,
Amanda Martinez, Vaughntasia Hawkins, Kristal Nieves, Assistant Coach Pamela Rohring.


Game Wrap Ups From Coach Wantuck:

Tuesday, September 17th. Volleyball season is now hear and we had our first away game.  This year many girls are in their second year and really learned the game against Cardinal O’Hara.   We only have one Senior  this year.  This year Girls volleyball team will be a very big challenging year for all of us.  I am seeing them improving slowly and daily.  Pam and I are very proud of their developing performance.  Today was our first game and they did their best.  Of course, they were quite nervous and timid which it is quite normal especially the first time playing. 

The score was---- 15 SMSD -25 O’Hara (L) 1stgame
23 SMSD – 25 O’Hara  (L) 2ndgame
0 win – 1 Lost.

They are Jasmine Hollingsworth, Amanda Martinez, Tracy White, Vaughntasia Hawkins, Ta’Leah Toney, Kristal Nieves and Shakenya Ward-Brassell.  Please praise them when you see them, please. 

Today, Thursday, September 19th, SMSD Girls Volleyball team played against the Rochester School for the Deaf.  It was a good game!!!  Something was very interesting between our school and RSD VB team.  Both of us did not have any sub at all.  We only had 6 players and they had 6 players too but only two were not eligible to play. The total number of players for  RSD is 8 players and we have 7.  It is amazing about our Deaf School here in New York State.  Isn’t that something!?!?

Our SMSD Girls VB played to the best of their ability.  Our team is young  with 1st and 2nd years on the VB team.  While most of RSD has mostly 3rdand 4th years of experience.  It was a pleasure to play with them.

The game score:     SMSD 10  RSD 25  (1st Game)
SMSD 13  RAD 25  (2nd Game)
SMSD  12 RSD 25  (3rd Game)
Our win-lost is 0 – 2 record.

Many thanks for coming to our SMSD Girls VB game yesterday.  We appreciated your support and cheering our game.

Thursday, September 26th we went to Oracle Charter School.  I do not know whether many of you remember that Oracle Charter School is now located on the former campus known as Bishop McMahon High School.  I thought I share this part of the Buffalo history and how time goes by so fast while we were growing up.  We do not grow “old” but we mature more every year.  Better positive saying than negative.  Smiling!!!

Anyway, our SMSD Girls Volleyball team won against Oracle Charter School.  It was our first win of this season.  Our players are quite young except one.

The scores:   1st Game:  25 – 23  (SMSD win)
2nd Game:  25 – 11  (SMSD win)
3rd Game:  25 – 19  (SMSD win) 

So, we won all 3 games.
Our season record: 1-2

September 28th, we played against Tapestry Charter High School.  We lost all three games.  However, there are some signs of improvement during the play which Pam and I were happy to see.    They did their very best.

The scores:    1st Game:  25 – 10  (SMSD lost)

                           2nd Game:  25 – 11  (SMSD lost)

                           3rd Game:  25 – 8  (SMSD lost)


October 22nd, we went to Rochester School for the Deaf.  Unfortunately, we did not win; they swept us pretty badly.  However, there were some improvements on our team.  We will be facing them again during the upcoming ESDAA this weekend.  Hopefully, we continue to show more improvement against them.


October 24th, we played against Niagara Catholic.  Our SMSD Girls Volleyball team, we played extremely well.  We won all three games.  Tracy White, Amanda Martinez, and Shakenya Ward-Brassell served well while the others – Ta’Leah Toney, Vaughntasia Hawkins were their assistance to continue to play as a team. 


We played 2 best of three----


1st Game:  SMSD  25   Niagara Catholic  15  (SMSD wins)

2nd Game:  SMSD  25   Niagara Catholic  20  (SMSD wins)

3rd Game:  SMSD 25   Niagara Catholic  14   (SMSD wins ---they were willing to play extra game with us to practice—Thank you, Niagara Catholic!!)


October 28th –home game and October 29th –away game; we played against Global Concepts Charter School (GCCS).  We won both days and SMSD Girls Volleyball team played well.  Shakenya Ward-Brassell played well and this is her last SMSD volleyball home/away games.  We wish her the best of luck and appreciated having her on the SMSD Girls Volleyball team all four years especially this year was her toughest one she faces.


      Monday Game----                                              Tuesday Game  ----------


1st Game:  SMSD 25    GCCS 9   (SMSD wins)           1st Game:   SMSD 25  GCCS  14  (SMSD wins)

2nd Game:  SMSD  25   GCCS 13  (SMSD wins)          2nd Game:   SMSD  25  GCCS  11  (SMSD  wins)

3rd  Game:   SMSD  23  GCCS 25   (SMSD lost)         3rd Game:   SMSD  25  GCCS  23  (SMSD  wins-                  


4th Game:   SMSD  25  GCCS  18  (SMSD  wins)


Our regular season record is  6 wins and 5 lost.


Then we will head to the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Philadelphia, PA for ESDAA Volleyball tournament.  We will let you know when we return from Philly.


After a busy weekend six SMSD Girls VB players, Pamela, and I headed to the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Philadelphia, PA.  We left SMSD campus around 6:15 am with a unusual LIMO-BUS which we usually ride with a regular charter bus like Greyhound bus.  It was totally different.  After we left SMSD, we headed to RSD to pick up their VB players.  It was an enjoyable ride.  Both teams went along well and had a good time. 


We arrived Philadelphia hotel around 2 pm and hurry up to change and put on our team uniform.  We arrived PSD around 2:45.  The PSD campus where we were there was the place where George Washington’s home during the Revolutionary War.  Their building surely looks like the 1700’s to 1800’s.  Yep!  The building has a great history and has been renovated and the buildings itself look so nice. 


Our SMSD Girls VB team were quite nervous since five out of six played for the first time during the entire ESDAA weekend.  We were a very young team!!  They were---Amanda Martinez, Ta’Leah Toney, Kristal Nieves, Vaughntasia Hawkins (very very little), and Tracy White while Shakenya Ward-Brassell was a veteran since she was quite familiar with the game events.  We started with Round Robin games and SMSD VB Girls played five games up to 25 points.


First game, we played RSD and we lost.  Score:  RSD 25  SMSD  9  (Lost)

Second game:  SMSD 8  WVSD  25  (Lost)

Third game:   NJSD  25  SMSD  13  (Lost)  --  They were starting to warm up.

Fourth game:  PSD  23  SMSD  25  (WIN)  --  It was such a competitive game.  Both teams played extremely well.

Fifth game:  DSD  25 SMSD  6  (Lost)   ---  The girls’ energy was starting to get low and started to struggle.


We ended playing volleyball around 9 pm where we begin playing at 3:30pm.  We arrived back to the hotel around 11:30 and had a brief meeting before they went to sleep.  Then Pamela had to wake the girls up around 6:30 to get ready for breakfast, competitive games and tournament on PSD campus. 


Competitive VB games were bump, set and serve.  It was fun!  We played at 8:30 am.


Then we began the Tournament and played against NJSD at 9:15 am.  We played with two best of three with up to 25 points.   The game went well and did a great job playing.  I was happy with our SMSD VB team’s performance and it shows their sign of improvement.  Unfortunately, we lost.  The scores were:  1st game NJSD 25 and SMSD 13, and the second game  NJSD  25 and SMSD  16.  During the 2nd game it started neck-to-neck then we were leading for a while until New Jersey caught up.  Oh shooooot!!!


Then SMSD Girls VB team headed to 5th/6th bracket.  We learned that we have to play against PSD at 1:15 pm.   We beat against PSD and played three games.  The first game we lost and the score was  19 – 25  (PSD win).  While the second and third games we started to fire – up and won the second and third games respectively.  The scores were 25 to 17 (SMSD win) and 3rd game—SMSD  18 and PSD 16  (SMSD win).  Our girls played three games with 25 – 25 – 15.  We were the only team that had no sub.  It was not easy for Kristal --  she was quite confuse and played her best.  While Tracy and Vaughntasia did their best and had few great plays.  Ta’Leah had a strong hands to play by using all the set.  Amanda played with great attitude and was challenging so many area.  She was quite proud of herself.  At last but not the least, Shakenya – it was her last ESDAA Volleyball and she earned a “ALL-STAR”.  She played well especially with her minor ankle injury.  She refused to stop playing and continued to play well. 


During the Awards announcement before we head home – we were selected by the teams coaches  that we won the “Sportsmanship Award” and brought home the trophy.  We were quite happy.  Pamela and I were quite shock and yes—learned the comments from the other coaches after the awards.  Pamela, SMSD VB team and I thanked everyone..


We arrived back to Buffalo around 1 to 1:15 in the morning. 


We all enjoyed the weekend!


We wanted to thank Tim Kelly and Jim Carmody for supporting us to participate the Girls Volleyball ESDAA Tournament.  Our SMSD Girls VB team will carry their fond memories with them forever.


Thank you teachers and staff allowing our Girls VB team to go.


Anyone who help our games and root our home games—“BIG” thank you for coming.


Thank you for reading our SMSD Girls Volleyball news and supporting us.


Have a great year and see you next Fall 2014 with a growing strong SMSD team.



Pamela R


SMSD Girls VB Coaches