2015 Girls' Varsity Volleyball 

Back Row: Vaughntasia Hawkins- Team Manager, Sabina Bajgai, Elise Watson, Moontaha Shalbi, Tracy White, Fatima Al Sabounji.

Front Row: Sue Wantuck-Coach, Ta’Leah Toney, Jasmine Hollingsworth, Wendy Chuba- Assistant Coach

Not Pictured: Cameron Cole and Amanda Martinez

Varsity Volleyball Schedule

Date  Opponent Time /Place  Score
9/15 Tapestry 4:00 AWAY




9/22 Oracle 4:00/HOME




9/25 Rochester School f/t Deaf Homcoming Rochester




9/25 Rochester School f/t Deaf Homcoming Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf




9/26 Rochester School f/t Deaf Homecoming Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf




9/29 Niagara Catholic 3:30/Home






10/6 Academe of Aurora 3:30/HOME




10/7 SMSD Homecoming 3:30/HOME





10/13 Oracle 4:00/HOME




10/16 ESDAA Tournament Del School f/t Deaf





10/17 ESDAA Tournament Del School f/t Deaf






10/22 Global Charters 4:00pm/HOME




10/27 Academe of Aurora 3:30pm/ AWAY  

Girls' Volleyball 2015 Recap

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SMSD Girls Volleyball had a great start of the year!!

They all played great and I can’t even find a word in the dictionary that would describe them.

Wendy and I were proud of them.

The score for three games—as we play 3 best of 5—


1st Game:  25 to 19 (SMSD won)

Great job went to Fatima Al Sabounji, Tracy White and Ta’Leah Toney – they all served well.


2nd Game:  27-25 (SMSD Won)

 This game was a truly a great comeback since we were down about 6 points.  I had to motivate the girls to keep their emotion and energy up and not to give up……the hero of this game was Jasmine Hollingsworth who really saved the game.  This was a great big WHEW!!!!

3rd Game:  25- 16 (SMSD WON)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, Cami Cole got an opportunity to serve much better after stepping the lines few times when she had to serve during the first two games……but the third game she finally got it! She got five points during the third game.  Tracy White and Sabina Bajgai also provided support to help win the game.  Elise Watson and Moontaha Shalbi have improved from last year and will surely be assets to our team this year.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SMSD Girls Volleyball team, beat Oracle Charter HS

We won all three games out of five!!!

Tracy White had a super tremendous day yesterday. Tracy had a great day, her serving was excellent and she had a total 34 points for all three games.

Fatima Al Sabounji, Ta’Leah Toney and Cami Cole also did a great job serving the ball.

Elise Watson, Sabina Bagjai, Jazz Hollingsworth, Moontaha Shalbi all played well.

Tracy White was a hero during the third game! We were down by 9 points and ended up winning the game.


1st Game:  14- 25 (SMSD won)

2nd Game:  13 – 25 (SMSD won)

3rd Game:  17 – 25 (SMSD won)


Friday September 25-26, 2015

St. Mary’s School for the Deaf went to Rochester for RSD Homecoming weekend.

On Friday SMSD played two games.First game we played three best of five with RSD

1st Game:  25 RSD  -  14  SMSD    (RSD won)

2nd Game:  25 RSD  - 22 SMSD     (RSD won)

3rd Game:   25 RSD  -  15  SMSD   (RSD won)

Second game with 3 best of 5 with WPSD  (Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf)

1st Game:  25  WPSD  - 11 SMSD  (WPSD won)

2nd Game:    25  WPSD  - 1  SMSD   (WPSD won)

3rd Game:     25  WPSD  -  10  SMSD   (WPSD won)

On Saturday we played for the 2nd and 3rd places with WPSD—

1st Game:    25 WPSD  - 9  SMSD  (WPSD won)

2nd Game:   25 WPSD  -  16  SMSD  (WPSD won)

3rd Game:   25 WPSD – 12  SMSD  (WPSD won)

Cameron Cole (8th Grader) received an ALL-STAR award.

Wendy and I were proud of them especially they had shown a sign of improvement.

 The following girls who played were Jazz Hollingsworth, Tracy White, Elise Watson, Cami Cole, Sabina Bagjai, and Moontaha Shalbi.  


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


St. Mary’s School for the Deaf played against Niagara Catholic HS.

1st Game:  NC 27 – SMSD 25   (Niagara Catholic won)

2nd Game:  NC 19  - SMSD  25  (SMSD won)

3rd Game:  NC 9  - SMSD  25  (SMSD won)

4th Game:  NC 25  - SMSD  21  (Niagara Catholic won)

5th Game:  NC  10  -  SMSD 15  (SMSD won)

All the girls played hard and never gave up!!!

Our league record:  3 wins – 0 lost

Overall record:  3 wins – 3 lost


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

 SMSD Girls volleyball played against Academe of Aurora.  Our SMSD Girls really put a lot of effort into this match.  Academe of Aurora is a very good team and this was one of our most challenging volleyball game this season. The SMSD Girls used a lot of bump-set-spike rhythms which they have been to developing in practice. Wendy and I were proud of them even though we lost. Our goal for our SMSD Girls is to continue to learn and develop and not to give-up.

1st Game:  SMSD 19  -  Academe of Aurora 25

2nd Game:  SMSD 11 – Academe of Aurora 25

3rd Game:  SMSD 10 –Academe of Aurora 25

We lost all three matches.

Overall record:  3-4


Nonleague:  3-1


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our SMSD Girls Volleyball did a great job playing today; I mean superb job!  Wendy and I were soooo proud of their performance and they have shown significant improvement over the past several weeks and several years especially playing with RSD. 

For years RSD Girls Volleyball team was crunshing us and we hardly a win over them.  Well, at yesterdays game, that did not happen and we won two games out of five.  RSD won with 3 best of five (1st, 3rd, and 5th games) as we only won two games with 2nd and 4th games.


1st Game:  RSD 25 – SMSD 20  (SMSD lost)

2nd Game:  RSD 15 – SMSD 25  (SMSD won)

3rd Game:  RSD 25 – SMSD 17  (SMSD lost)

4th Game:  RSD 18 – SMSD 25  (SMSD won)

5th Game:  RSD 25 -  SMSD 12  (SMSD lost) 

Ta’Leah Toney, Jasmine Hollingsworth, and Fatima Al Sabounji had did a great job on serving while Cami Cole did a great job overall on the floor such as bump, set, and spike/tip.  Sabina Bajgai, Elise Watson and Tracy White did a great job playing with their teammates.  At last, Moontaha  Shalbi was ready to take over Tracy White while Tracy was able to relax due to feeling the pressure from the game.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

St. Mary’s School for the Deaf won 3 best of 5 yesterday against Oracle.  It was a great game and every player showed a great sign of improvement.  


1st Game:  SMSD 25- Oracle 13  (SMSD won)

2nd Game: SMSD 25 – Oracle 18  (SMSD won)

3rd Game:  SMSD 25 – Oracle 7  (SMSD won)

Overall record:  3-4

Nonleague:  3-1


Friday-Saturday, October 16-17, 2015

Our SMSD Girls Volleyball team did quite well and has shown improvement. For the past several years we have only won one game out of 3 or 4 years during our Girls ESDAA Volleyball tournament.  This time we won four matches tand had several close calls to alomost win.  

At the beginning of the match we were set up at Seed 10 with the total of ten Schools for the Deaf.  This year Girls Volleyball ESDAA the teams  were no longer divided into two groups such as, Division I and Division II due to the budget and/or enrollment.  We were always in ESDAA Division II.  Now the Girls ESDAA Volleyball teams are combined into one division. There were ten schools for the Deaf altogether.  So, now there were two pools:  Pool A and Pool B.  We were on Pool B.  Our Pool B we played with ASD, Lex., WPSD, and MPSD (Marie Philips School for the Deaf known as The Learning Center in MA.)  Pool A were RSD, PSD, NJSD, NYSD, and DSD.  

Now as of today we are in 8th place of ten schools BUT in the silver bracket we are in second place.

Round Robin results:

1st game SMSD 25 - Marie Philip School known as TLC 20.                   

2nd Game:  SMSD 12 - Lexington 12.

3rd Game:  SMSD 24 - ASD 26

4th Game:  SMSD 7 - WPSD 25.


Then we enter the Silver bracket

We played with two best of three:

1st Game: SMSD 25 - PSD 13

2nd Game:  SMSD 25 - PSD 11


Then we moved up to play the winner of NYSD or MPS


We ended up playing NYSD Fanwood.


Today we played Fanwood with two best of three---


1st Game: SMSD 20 - NYSD 25  (SMSD lost)

2nd Game: SMSD 25 - NYSD 21  (SMSD WIN)

3rd Game:  SMSD 6 - NYSD 15

 NYSD wins the Champ for the Silver bracket. We ended up  2nd in the silver bracket.


Jasmine Hollingsworth earned the ALL-STAR 2015!!!

Yesterday our SMSD Girls Volleyball team played against Global Charter.  We won two games out of three. 


Thursday , October 22

Yesterday our SMSD Girls Volleyball team played against Global Charter.  We won two games out of three. 

1st Game:  SMSD 25  -Global Charter 22  (SMSD wion)

2nd Game:  SMSD 25 – Global Charter 13  (SMSD  won)

3rd Game: SMSD 19 – Global  Charter 25  (Global won)

Every girls on the team played well and actually are improving especially setting up three area which it is the key issue (bump-set-spike system).

Yesterday was our last home game of the season.  Next week Tuesday, October 27th will be our last game of the season and it will be played at the Academe of Aurora.