Please note: The time for the away game at Oracle Charter School has been changed. It is now Tuesday, October 18 at 4:30 pm.


Game Recap 2016-2017

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Lady Bisons had their home opener yesterday afternoon and even though we were short a few players, they played an amazing game. The girls came in nervous but ready for their first game of the season and proved that by sweeping the first three sets of the game. All the girls did a great job serving but special props to Jasmine Hollingsworth for keeping her cool and pulling off a couple tough returns and Cami Cole and Sabina Bagjai for their great work at the net. Please think about coming out to our next game this Thursday at 3:30pm where we will hope to continue our winning streak against Niagara Catholic.


Thank you for your support,

Coach Chuba, Coach Daley, & The Lady Bisons


Score recap:

Set 1: 25-12

Set 2: 25-3

Set 3: 25-12


Thursday, September 22 vs. Niagara Catholic

The Lady Bisons had their second match of the season yesterday at 3:30pm against Niagara Catholic. The girls came in optimistic and gave their all for three sets. Unfortunately, they fell short in three straight sets mostly due to Niagara Catholics attacking abilities and some poor ball handling late in the game. The girls did keep it close in all three sets, showing that we are a team that you’ll have to work hard to beat. Sabina and Cammi’s attacking skills are improving as we saw with two attacks each yesterday while Tracy and Jasmine’s did well covering the back court and long balls. Hopefully with the return of Elsie next week we will be able to return to a winning season.


Thank you for your support,

Coach Chuba, Coach Daley and The Lady Bisons


Match Scores:

Set 1: 19-25

Set 2: 16-25

Set 3: 20-25


Tuesday. September 27, 2016

The Lady Bisons played at home today against Oracle charter school. The girls had a rough start in the first set and couldn’t seem to keep the ball in play. Poor communication and ball handling left the girls feeling very frustrated with themselves and each other. After a quick pep talk and a little team spirit, it was a completely different game. The girls communicated well and worked together to beat back the other team and take the next two sets. The Lady Bisons continue to improve with each game and will hopefully keep their spirits up for another game tomorrow facing the RSD Wildcats.


A special congratulations goes out to Tracy White (9pts.) and Fatima Al Sabounji (20 pts.) for their amazing serving throughout the game.


Thank you for your support,

Coach Chuba, Coach Daley, & The Lady Bisons


Set scores:

Set 1: 16-25

Set 2: 25-16

Set 3: 15-7




Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today the Lady Bisons face off against their rivals the Rochester Wildcats. The girls went into the game a little nervous but ready to give it their all. There was a little back and forth between both teams trying to get ahead, but the Lady Bisons came out on top in three straight matches. We fought for every point with some pretty long volleys in each set. Tracy White and Fatima Al Sabounji showed that they’ve been working on their ball handling skills and were integral in several plays. Elise Watson was an outstanding front row player, with some excellent passing to her teammates. Jasmine Hollingsworth (17pts.), Sabina Bagjai (18pts.), and Tracy white (15 pts.) also dominated with their serving in each set. Over all the girls teamwork and cooperation lead them to a great team victory. If you see any of these girls please tell them congrats on a win well earned.


Thank you for your support,

Coach Chuba, Coach Daley & The Lady Bisons


Set Scores:

Set 1: 25-16

Set 2: 25-11

Set 3: 25-17