2014 Girls' Varsity Volleyball Schedule

2014 Girls' Varsity Volleyball 


Front row~ Coach Wendy Chuba, Fatima Al Sabounji, Ta'Leah Toney, Jasmine Hollingsworth, Amanda Martinez, Vaughntasia Hawkins, Tracy White, Coach Sue Wantuck

Back Row~ Sabina Bajgai, Cameron Cole, Elise Watson


Thursday, September 25, 2014

   SMSD Girls VB team lost to Niagara Catholic.  Our SMSD Girls did some great plays and it is still improving but not yet up to par.

First game:  25-13  (SMSD lost)

2nd game:  25-18  (SMSD lost)

3rd game:  25-6  (SMSD lost)

Match Record :  1-2                                                               

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1st game:  25-10 (SMSD lost)

2nd game:  25 -23 (SMSD lost)

3rd game: 25- 20  (SMSD lost)

Our match record – 1-1 W/L.

Ta’Leah Toney, Vaughntasia, and Cami Cole all each had 5 points. 

Our next game is Thursday, Sept. 25th at Niagara Catholic.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

SMSD won their first game against Oracle Charter School.

The first match was 25 to 21 ; SMSD won.

The second match was 25 to 8; SMSD won.

Tracy White had 17 points in both matches and Ta’Leah had 8 points.

Record:  1-0

Sue Wantuck

Wendy Chuba

SMSD Coaches