Back row: Assistant Coach Kevin LeRoy, Tyler Mondo-Goodrich, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Ian Smith, Adnan Abdi,

Isa Habeeb, Christian Lawrence, Christopher Martin, Coach Bryan Booke

Front Row: JJ Kent, Osama Abughanem, Nick Barrus, Givon Blackwell, Kassim Kassim

Missing from picture: Ryan Brzezinski


Varsity Soccer Schedule 2015


Date  Opponent Time /Place  Score
9/15 Stanley Falk 3:30 AWAY 4-1 
9/17  Christian Academy 3:30/AWAY 6-1
9/22 Central Baptist School 4:00/AWAY 6-1
9/24 Academe of Aurora 3:30/HOME 3-1
9/25 Rochester School f/t Deaf Homcoming Rochester 6-1
9/25 Rochester School f/t Deaf Homcoming Rochester 2-1
9/26 Rochester School f/t Deaf Homecoming Rochester 5-2
9/29 Academe of Aurora 4:00/Home 4-0
10/1 Central Baptist 3:30/HOME 4-3
10/6 Christian Academe 3:30/HOME  
10/7 SMSD Homecoming 3:30/HOME  
10/8 Stanley Falk 3:30/HOME  
10/13 NFCAA Playoffs TBA  
10/15 NFCAA Playoffs TBA  
10/16 ESDAA Tournament NJ School f/t Deaf  
10/17 ESDAA Tournament NJ School f/t Deaf  
10/22 Stanley Falk 3:30pm/HOME  
10/27 Oracle 4:00pm/ HOME  


September, 15, 2015

The Bisons 2015 campaign is highlighted by our soccer team becoming a part of the N.F.C.A.A. (Niagara Frontier Christian Athletic Association). The N.F.C.A.A. is made up of 5 different schools that play 8v8.  Yesterday afternoon, the Bisons kicked off (pun intended) their season with a battle against familiar foe, the Stanley Falk school.  Over the course of the past three seasons, our opponent has generally dominated play leaving us winless in our match-us.  However, with a rejuvenated attitude and the addition of 5 rookies (Nick Barrus, Isa Habeeb, Kassim Kassim, JJ Kent & Ryan Brzezinski) & 1 new senior transfer (Ibrahim Ibrahim), we were determined to not allow history to repeat itself.  With a stout defense led by veterans Christian Lawrence, Tyler Mondo- Goodrich, & goal keeper Chris Martin, we were able to frustrate and stymie Falk throughout the course of the entire match holding them to zero goals until the waning minutes of the 2nd half.  In the meantime, we came at our opponents with a well balanced attack and were able to notch 4 goals.  The Bisons earned their 1st victory of the season and currently post a record of 1-0.  Please wish our boys congrats on the win.  Our next challenge is against league opponent  Christian Academy tomorrow in North Tonawanda at 3:30. 

Overall record: 1-0

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-0

Individual accomplishments:

Ibrahim Ibrahim- 2 goals

Nick Barrus- 2 goals & 1 assists

Chris Martin- 8 saves


Thursday, September 17, 2015

  After an impressive outing in our season opener last Tuesday, the Bison’s looked to bring that same vigor to Christian Academy last week Thursday.  Unfortunately, we rested on our laurels a bit too much and our opposition took advantage almost immediately.  Our defensive appeared overwhelmed by Christian Academy’s continuous pressure. Once we had allowed them to tally a few goals we seemed to have lost our gusto and our adversary began to run away with the contest.   We generated some offensive attack in the 2nd half of the match with Nick Barrus and Ibrahim Ibrahim each scoring a goal to close the gap on our opponent, but it wasn’t enough.  The final score was 6-2 in favor of Christian Academy.  Please support the Bison’s as we look to “right the ship” through this rough stretch of league “away” games this week.

Overall record: 1-1

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-1

Individual accomplishments:

Ibrahim Ibrahim- 1 goal

Nick Barrus- 1 goal

Chris Martin- 7 saves


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

 We faced Central Baptist on their home field which was located in a rural area of WNY and surrounded by corn fields.  It was a beautiful setting and a great day for a soccer game.  Central Baptist managed to score early and took the lead.  Five minutes later, Nick Barrus scored from behind the 18yd from the right corner to tie it up. Central Baptist was able to find the back of the net three more times before the end of 1st half, making the score 4 to 1 in their favor.

In the second half, the Bison's offense tried to find loop holes in Central Baptist's defense. The Bison’s didn't have much success. Our defensemen, Isa Habeeb, and Christian Lawrence did a great job stopping Baptist's shots and passes but Central Baptist was too tough and the game ended with a score of 6 to 1.

Our next game is this Thursday at 3:30 pm at home. Hope to see you there!

SMSD's record- 1 win, 2 losses

Overall record: 1-2

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-2

Individual accomplishments:

Nick Barrus- 1 goal

Chris Martin- 13 saves


Thursday, September 24, 2015

This afternoon was the Bisons first “home” match of the season. Despite a full 60 minute effort, our soccer team fell at the hands of Academy  Aurora 3-1.  It was evident that the squads were evenly matched because neither club could establish a dominate offensive attack in the other team’s offensive 1/3 of the field. Our opponent scored their first & second  goals on break-aways that beat Chris Martin.  However, for the fourth consecutive game in a row, Nick Barrus was able to score and keep the game within reach.  The second half remained 2-1 for the majority of time until Aurora was able to set up a beautiful corner kick cross that would have been difficult for anyone to have stopped.  The final score ended 3-1.  Although our success wasn’t apparent on the score sheet, the coaching staff was impressed with the boys determination until the very end of the match.  It was exactly the type of game that we want to bring in to this weekends tournament in Rochester, NY.  Please wish us luck as we face off against both RSD and WPSD.

Coach Booke & Coach Leroy

Overall record: 1-3

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-3

Individual accomplishments:

Nick Barrus- 1 goal

Chris Martin- 9 saves


Rochester School for the Deaf- Homecoming Tournament

9/25/2015- Game #1 SMSD VS RSD

The Bisons soccer team travelled to Rochester, NY this past weekend to participate in the Wildcats homecoming tournament.  Our school played against the host in the first of our two games on Friday afternoon in order to determine seeding for the championship games the following morning.  RSD came out of the gates very quickly and before our boys had the opportunity to “find their legs”, they found themselves in 4 goal deficit.  The majority of the match was spent trying to clear out our zone as the wildcats were relentless with their offensive attack.  Nick Barrus did manage to sneak a goal past Rochesters keeper on a last second penalty shot to continue his streak of 5 games in a row with at least one goal.  However, the damage was done and we lost by the score of 6-1.

Overall record: 1-4

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-3

Individual accomplishments:

Nick Barrus- 1 goal

9/25/2015- Game #2 SMSD VS WPSD

Based on the round robin format set up for the tournament, our team had 15 minutes to rest before our next match against Western Pennslyvania School for the Deaf.  That didn’t give us much time to dwell on our most recent loss.  We decided to make some position changes and allow Christian Lawrence to make his first career start in goal.  This game appeared to be much more competitive than our previous contest.  The Lions took an early lead but the scored remained 1-0 for the 1st half and well in the second half.  Our defense tighten up and Christian Lawrence stood tall making some key saves that included a penalty shot.  Our Bisons did even up the score with 10 minutes remaining when Ibrahim Ibrahim forced the Lions to take a hand ball in their own defensive box and was awarded a penalty kick.  Unfortunately, the tie didn’t last long and WPSD was able to put one more shot past our team and walk away with a 2-1 victory. 

Overall record: 1-5

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-3

Individual accomplishments:

Ibrahim Ibrahim- 1 goal

Christian Lawrence- 12 saves

9/26/2015- Game #3 SMSD VS WPSD

Based on the round robin results from the previous day, we faced off against WPSD again in order to determine who would take on RSD in the championship later on that morning.  Although we appeared evenly matched against the Lions the day before, we didn’t play very well the second time around.  Our offense wasn’t  challenging WPSD and our defense was getting tired trying to clear the ball out of our zone.  In effort to create more of an attack, we added another offensive player and pushed our defense up to midfield.  On a positive note, Isa Habeeb was able to get on the score sheet for the first time this season by blasting a shot from outside the 18 yard line past WPSD’s keeper to close the gap.  However, as a result of pushing our defensive up, we exposed our in experienced goalie to potential 1 vs 1 breakaways.  Consequently, our opponent was able to take advantage and score a couple more goals to extend their lead.  The final score was 5-2.

Overall record: 1-6

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-3

Individual accomplishments:

Isa Habeeb- 1 goal

Ibrahim Ibrahim- 1 goal

Christian Lawrence- 11 saves

The Bisons finished with 2 tournament all-stars in Nick Barrus and Isa Habeeb.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It was evident based on the weather conditions yesterday that the fall season has officially arrived.  The Bisons played against the Academy of Aurora yesterday in the second of our league home & away series.  The field and the ball were both quite slick from rain all day which caused some strange bounces that unfortunately landed in the back of our goal 4 times in the 1st half. As is the story of our season, we found ourselves attempting to battle back from an early deficit.  Our offensive players continued to struggle putting pressure on our opposition which in turn puts a lot of strain on our defense and goalie as they perpetually try and clear the ball out and push up the field. At half time we made some personell adjustments and explained to our boys that they needed to forget about the first 30 minutes of the match and come out in the 2nd half as is if it was a brand new game.  Although we didn’t slip a shot past Auroras keeper, our opponent in turn was unable to get anything past our defense and both teams remained scoreless.  The contest ended 4-0.  Our next game is this Thursday at home against Central Baptist.  Hopefully we can continue to build off the positive momentum we ended our previous match with.

Overall record: 1-7

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-4

Individual accomplishments:

Christian Lawrence- 11 saves

October 1, 2015

The Bisons soccer club played its second game of their home/away series against the Lions of Central Baptist.  In our previous meeting, the Bisons weren’t aggressive enough and took a drubbing by the score of 5-1.  Needless to say that this time around we were determined to prove to our opponent and to ourselves that we were better than that.  Our goal was to start fast, aggressive, and not let the game get out of reach.  Our defense “stood tall” and didn’t allow a goal for the first 10 minutes before the Lions broke the tie by taking advantage of a defensive breakdown.  Our mid field attack bounced right back 5 minutes later and knotted the game up 1-1  with a goal from Adnan Abdi (1st of the season).  Central Baptist was able to score a few more times and extended their lead by 3 goals with 10 minutes remaining.  In the past, our Bisons have been known to occasionally hang their heads when they find themselves in an insurmountable hole.  However, as we attempt to change the culture into a winning program, our Bisons continued to play with what appeared to be reckless abandonment.  Nick Barrus scored with a shot over the keepers head  with 5 minutes left in the game to close the gap and 2 minutes later Isa Habeeb rifled a kick past the goalie to put us within 1 goal of evening the score.  Unfortunately, it was too little too late and our comeback although admirable fell short.  Obviously our team was not satisfied with the outcome, but as the cliché goes, “we learned a lot more from losing this game then from being the victors.”  Please keep encourage the boys to not give up.  We have a full 3 game schedule next week including a game on Wednesday for Homecoming as well as a game during parent night.  Please try and come out and support us.

Overall record: 1-8

N.F.C.A.A. record: 1-5

Individual accomplishments:

Adnan Abdi- 1 goal (1st of the season)

Isa Habbeb- 1 goal (2nd of the season)

Nick Barrus- 1 goal (7th of the season)


Christian Lawrence- 22 saves