Boys Basketball

2013 - 2014 Season

Front Row: Jim Carmody, Jack Kawalec, Kevin LeRoy

Back Row: Dalton Planty, Cole Rodgers, Josh Meyers, Dustin Robinson, Baylen Oliver, Ian Smith,

Drew Cannizzaro


Tuesday, December 10

Basketball season is here and we have been practicing all of November to prepare for the games. Today was the first game against The Gow School.

On the roster, we only have 3 veterans out of 7 players which is a challenge. Everyone played hard and hustled. Despite the loss they managed to keep their heads up and battle throughout the game! Dalton Planty is new and a rookie who played good defense for The Bison’s. Baylen Oliver and Dustin Robinson fought to put the ball into basket and keep us in the game. The top scorer of the team was Dustin Robinson with 22 points and 7 rebounds! Baylen Oliver had 9 rebounds and 6 points! The final score was 53-30. Our next game will be at Rome School for the Deaf on December 12th so wish the boys luck!!!!

Our record is 0-1

Thursday, December 12

We had our second game of the season as a visitor at NYSSD in Rome which resulted in a loss of 46- 41. In the first half, we had a hard time making any baskets and went into the locker room down  24 to 19 on the scoreboard. One of our key players got into foul trouble and that forced us to adjust. We still trailed at the start of the second half, however with different strategies on defense we were able to catch up and make it a close game.  Dustin Robinson led the team with 18 points and 12 rebounds while Balyen Oliver had 10 points and 11 rebounds. Dalton Planty the “rookie” showed  great improvement and composure with 11 points and 6 rebounds! Our next game is Monday December 16th at 5pm against New Life Christian at home.

Our current record is 0-2

Monday, December 16

Another game slipped through our hands yesterday. New Life Christian School defeated the Bison’s by a score of 53-37. From the start of the tip off until midway through the first quarter the scored remained 0-0. The Bison’s only managed to score 12 points in the first half while the NLCS netted 29 points.  Despite the outcome, overall the boys played real well and worked together as a team. The Bison’s scored 25 points in the second half and kept New Life  to 24 points. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to win it.  Dustin Robinson scored 28 points and had 12 rebounds. Baylen Oliver worked hard and had 7 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists. Cole Rodgers had 2 points. The next game is against The Falk School on Tuesday, Dec. 17th at 3:30pm

Our record is 0-3

Tuesday, December 17

The Bison's were out matched against The Falk School and lost another close game by a score of 64 to 50. The guys never stopped hustling and battled until the final buzzer. Our next game is at home this Thursday, Dec 19 against Aurora Waldorf at 3:30 pm.

Individual stats:

         Dustin Robinson- 27 points…12 rebounds…2 blocks

         Baylen Oliver-   12 points…9 rebounds…4 assists.

         Dalton Planty-   8 points…2 rebounds…3 steals…1 assist.

         Joshua Meyers-   3 points…4 assists.

Our record is 0-4.

December 19

The Bisons took on Aurora Waldorf Academy from West Falls.  The Bisons dropped another close game by a score of 39-34.  At the start of the game, we played well and managed to take advantage of the mistakes that Aurora made.  Dustin Robinson had 8 points in the first quarter alone!  At the end of the first we were up by a score of 12-9.  We battled through the second quarter  and the tides changed as Aurora capitalized on our errors.  The score at half time was 20-18 with the advantage going to Aurora.  The second half found the Bisons trailing and unable to connect on our shots.  We managed to keep it close and with 7.4 seconds left it was a 3 point game…37-34.  Aurora took a time out and came back with a trick play our boys were not expecting and scored another bucket before the buzzer sounded giving them the win.

Our current record is 0-5.  Our next game is Jan.21st against West Seneca Christian. 

Happy Holidays!!!!

Individual Statistics

Dustin Robinson…22 points…10 rebounds.

Joshua Meyers…5 points

Baylen Oliver…5 points…10 rebounds…5 assists.

Cole Rodgers…4 points.

Dalton Planty…2points.

January 21

Yesterday, we played against the West Seneca Christian Falcons and it was another fantastic game! We lost but the boys finally played like a team.  It was a close game during the first half but the Bisons were able to make a few 3 point shots as well as create a few steals. The Falcons led at the end of the first half 27 to 26.     

In the third and fourth quarters, Dustin Robinson played his hardest defensively all season. Unfortunately, he got himself in foul trouble and picked up his 5th foul late in the fourth quarter. With Dustin out of picture, the Bisons had a difficult time making up for Dustin’s contributions. The Falcons found their way to the basket for a few more points that put them ahead of us and in the end resulted in a 37 to 28 loss.  Dustin Robinson finished with 22 points and 7 rebounds while Dalton Planty helped SMSD with 6 points and 3 steals. Our next game will be against Rochester School for the Deaf on Jan. 23rd for the  “I-90 Classic”.

Our record: 0 wins…6 losses

January 23


The I-90 Classic Basketball game was hosted in Rochester yesterday. It was great to see the students/staff of St. Mary’s and Rochester School for the Deaf continuing old relationships and developing new ones!


As for the varsity boys, we were outmatched by the Wildcats and lost by a score of 48 to 17. The SMSD Bisons squad never gave up and their motors were running the entire game!

Our next game will be away game next Tuesday against GOW at 3:30pm.

Dustin Robinson led the Bisons with 11 points and Dalton Planty finished with 6 points.

Overall record: 0 - 7

January 30

New York State School for the Deaf of Rome, traveled to Buffalo and took on The Bisons in The Gallagher Gym. They returned home with a victory with a final score of NYSSD 54 to St. Mary’s 49. The game and action in the first half was not in St. Mary’s favor. St. Mary’s trailed at the end of the first half by 13 points. Rome managed to connect on many of their shots and found the basket.

The Bisons, including two new comers in Chris Martin and Isa Habeeb tried to find their rhythm together and eventually began to connect in the second half. Unfortunately, time expired before we could catch the Trojan lead!

Individual stats:

Dustin Robinson- 37 points...13 rebounds..7 steals.                                                                                                  

Dalton Planty-  5 rebound...3 steals.

Chris Martin- 8 points...9 rebounds...5 steals.

Isa Habeeb- 4 points...3 rebounds...2 steals.

Our record is 0-8.  Our next game will be against Rhode Island School for the Deaf on February 7th in Rochester at the Divison II ESDAA Tournament.

ESDAA Tournament February 7th, 8th and 9th

This past weekend, the Bison's varsity boys traveled to Rochester School for the Deaf ,for the Eastern Schools for the Deaf  Athletic Association Division II basketball tournament.  There were six other deaf schools in attendance including Rochester, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Maine, Delaware, and Connecticut.

Friday, February 7th

Our first game was against Rhodes Island Roosters. We were without two key experienced players for the weekend. This caused a great challenge for the team and some of the younger less experienced players! We were able to persevere and accept the challenge. Our two new comers, Isa Habeeb and Chris Martin each gave great performances in the game but in the end we lost by the score of 51 to 30.

Saturday, February 8th

In the second game we faced Governor Baxter…the Islanders from Maine! its It was a close game since bothteams had similar skill levels and experience on the floor. It was an exciting game and competitive! Our younger players had opportunities to show their true colors! Dalton Planty led the team with 17 points/3 steals, Isa Habeeb came in second with 15 points/15 rebounds and 3 steals!  Chris contributed with 9 points and one shot was a three pointer! Chris Martin also had a great defensive performance with 4 steals and 3 assists. Those combined points earned us a victory with the score of 45 to 31 at the buzzer. The Bisons recorded their first win of the season!

Sunday, February 9th

We faced West Virginia in the 5th/6th place game on Sunday morning. They had a real talented player and he was able to beat our pressure. We tried to find a few strategies to compete.  We went into the game trying to get them into foul trouble. By end of 1st quarter, we were successful by causing him to foul.  He had four fouls in the 1st half!  Once their main player was on the bench, that gave us more opportunity to score. Our accuracy shooting was very low and that didn't give us much chance to win. The score was 75-29.

The Rochester Wildcats won the championship in the final against Rhode Island Roosters. Third place was Delaware…fourth place went to American…fifth went to West Virginia… St.Mary’s finished in sixth and Gov. Baxter was seventh.

Dalton Planty was selected as Second Team All Star.

Our record is 1-9.

Tuesday February 11th and Thursday, February 13th 

    The Bison's had two games this week against Falk on Tuesday,February 11th and West Seneca Christian on Thursday,Feb 13th. The Bison's improved greatly in these last two games!

On Tuesday against The Falk School, we lost by the score of 46 to 41. Dustin Robinson had 29 points and 19 rebounds as well as 2 steals! Baylen Oliver scored 6 points and grabbed 11 rebounds with 4 steals. Dalton Planty chipped in with 6 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 steals.

West Seneca Christian was our last game of the season. We led many times throughout the game but West Seneca walked out of our gym with a victory by the score of 54 to 47. Dustin Robinson performed his best and earned himself 29 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Baylen Oliver and Dalton Planty each scored 6 points as well as had 6 steals. Cole Rodgers and Joshua Meyers assisted by getting 4 points and 2 points respectively.

Overall record: 1 win 12 loss