Alumni Events


On March 15, 2012 we had an exciting event – Bingo. We had a pretty good number of people who attended our annual BINGO in the Gallagher Gymnasium. I was good to a diverse group of people in attendance (SMSD Parents, SMSD students, Residential staff, Deaf Adult Services staff, Alumni and many more). We played various games – 2 line bingo, Mickey Mouse and etc. We were happy to see a lot of people who won, and received gift cards. It was FUN!!!


I wanted to thank Steve LeRoy for his willing to voice interprets for us during the games. I wanted to thank you Kathleen McDonald for taking the pictures during the games. I wanted to thank you the Class of 2012 for selling the snacks. I also want to thank anyone who I might have forgotten.


We will have our annual Bingo event next fall. Please come and play the game. We promise you that you will enjoy it a lot.


Looking forward to seeing you next time at Bingo.


Thanks again,

Pamela Rohring, President of SMSDAA


Alumni Event Pictures


Bingo Night in March 2012



Bingo Night during Deaf Awareness Week

The Alumni Association hosted a BINGO night during Deaf Awareness Week in September. Here are some pictures of the event. Stay tuned for more information about BINGO events in 2012!